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Iowa Native Plant Society

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Please contact one of our officers if you would like more information about the Iowa Native Plant Society.

Sarah Nizzi
Madrid, IA

Vice President:
Tom Scherer, Des Moines, IA
INPS contact for field trips

Dianne Blankenship
INPS contact for website and calendar of field trips and other activities
Sioux City, IA

Bill Blankenship
Send membership dues to:
737 Buckwalter Dr.
Sioux City, IA 51108

INPS Board Members:

Pauline Drobney
Prairie City, IA

Carl Kurtz
St. Anthony, IA

Deb Lewis
Ames, IA
INPS contact for newsletter

Loren Lown
Pleasant Hill, IA,

Molly McNicoll
Decorah, IA
INPS contact for grants

Connie Mutel
Solon, IA 52333
INPS assistant for grants

Lael Neal
Urbandale, IA


Non-board assistance:

Liz Aderhold
Website (please contact Dianne Blankenship as above)