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Iowa Native Plant Society Membership Information

Membership in the Iowa Native Plant Society is open to anyone interested in the native plants of Iowa. Annual dues may be sent with the membership form to the Treasurer. If you receive newsletters and notifications by mail instead of email, please add $5 to the basic dues. Annual contributions over $15 are tax deductible. Members will receive the Society's newsletter and discounts on INPS Merchandise.

Students may pay a one-time membership fee of only $5 that provides membership until they are no longer a student. Simply write a note about your student status on the membership form. Membership includes electronic notifications and discounts on INPS merchandise.

Becoming an INPS member does NOT automatically enroll you on the INPS email discussion group. See the Discuss page to join that group.

Iowa Native Plant Society Endowment:

Additional donations to our Grants Program can be made by contributing to the INPS Endowment, established in 2015 at the Community Foundation of Johnson County (CFJC). These contributions can easily be made online. Contributions to the CFJC foundation (or to any qualified Iowa community foundation) can earn substantial state tax credits (25% of the donation amount) under the Endow Iowa Tax Credits program, with additional deductions granted for federal tax purposes. To see more on the INPS endowment, and for a link allowing you to contribute to the endowment, visit the Johnson County Community Foundation.